6 Amazing Ideas of Handprint on Canvas for Your Child

Hand printing is a favorite pastime for children of all ages. They enjoy dipping their hands in paint and creating amazing handprint crafts on a canvas. You can encourage them to boost their imagination and creativity by helping them create some unforgettable artwork. These crafts are not only for fun, but also make valuable keepsakes that can be cherished for years to come!

Handprint on Canvas for Your Child

Here are 6 ideas handprint on canvas you can try with your child:

  1. A Beautiful Heart
  2. You need red paint and a white paper for creating this beautiful craft. Ask your child to dip his or her palm in red paint and make prints on white paper in the shape of a heart. Then fill in the inner area with more red handprints. This would make a great gift idea for Mother’s Day!

  3. A Bright Flower
  4. You need some different colors of paint- red, green, yellow, orange, a white paper and a brush. Make a circle on the white paper using the brush dipped in orange. Help your child dip his or her hand in one of the colors and make handprints around the circle with fingers pointing outwards depicting the petals. Draw a stem using the green color and make green handprints showing the leaves.

  5. Shining Stars
  6. You need a pencil, white paper, and some colors. Draw a star at the center of the white paper using the pencil. Ask your child to dip their palms in one of the colors and make handprints at each corner of the star with fingers pointing inwards. Make it shiny by using glitters.

  7. A Colorful Rainbow
  8. You need all the colors of the rainbow, a white paper and a plastic sheet. Put drops of paint on the plastic sheet in a vertical pattern with red at the top, then orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Help your child place their hands on this pattern, with the tip on the red color and end of the palm on violet. Now ask your child to make a handprint on the white paper.

  9. Family Handprints Frame
  10. This can be a wonderful keepsake for the whole family! Ask each member of the family to dip their palms in a color and make handprints on a piece of paper. Write the names of the family members below the handprints and get this framed. This would be loved by the whole family.

  11. Daddy and Me
  12. Making a handprint of your son or daughter inside of dad’s handprint is a great craft idea for Father’s Day. Your child would love to create this unique and special handprint craft. A perfect gift to put a smile on dad’s face!

    Hope you liked these craft ideas. Use them to create wonderful and amazing pieces of artwork. Happy crafting! You can also let us know your favorite handprint craft that you love making with your child.

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