Support Your Child’s Approach to Learning by Playing with Them!

As a parent, you are your child’s first teacher. They will learn from the examples you set for them. The best way to get them to learn is to teach them through play. After all, learning should be fun and enjoyable.

Using learning programs during play will encourage your child to like the learning process. A child’s first tool for learning is playing. Instead of just watching your child as they play, join in! Use that time to introduce new concepts and ideas.

A girl child playing with her mom

Use Play as a Learning Tool

Playing with your child comes naturally. As a learning tool, you can use play to teach numbers, letters, words, almost any concept imaginable. The ultimate goal is to make the learning process something your child looks forward to.

If you incorporate play into the learning process, your child will begin to retain the information they receive much easier and will continue to associate what they have learned with the games that were being played.

Introduce Toys That Teach

Introduce toys and learning programs that your child can use when you play together or if they are playing alone. Many learning programs are designed so they can be used alone or in a group, giving your child the option to choose them even when they are by themselves.

The opportunities for learning are endless when you take part in the process. The next time you sit down to play with your child, you will be surprised at how much they have learned and retained.

Explore Their World

Take the time to play with your child every day. Have fun, and look for new ways to explore their world. Young children learn quickly and can surprise you with how much they retain. Playing with your child for a little while each day, not only encourages learning, it strengthens the bonds you share.

Enjoy the time you spend as your child’s first teacher. Play games and cherish the moments. It’s up to you to instill in them that learning is fun!

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