4 Creative Activities to Make Learning Fun for Children

Learning doesn’t have to be a boring activity of sitting for hours, reading and writing. You can try some creative activities to make learning fun for your children. These creative ideas will unleash their imagination and encourage them to be more curious about the topic. Seeing things in a different perspective makes it easier for preschoolers to recall the topics later on.

Here are 4 creative activities to make learning fun for preschoolers:

  •  Four Season Trees

Creating four season trees will help your children learn about the seasons and how leaves on the trees change and look during each season. Show them how to decorate the trees according to the season and trees they see in their yard. You can even hang these beautiful artworks on your wall and talk about the seasons throughout the year.

  •  Identifying Shapes

Shape matching and identification is a great way to teach your children about shapes. You can ask your child to draw a shape placing two craft sticks next to each other. Let them create as many pair sticks as they want, mix them and ask your child to match these sticks to create a shape.

  •  A Color Collage

Preschoolers love classifying and sorting things and find it very interesting. Sorting by color will help them learn about the different colors and also improve their sorting skills. Divide a large piece of paper into four boxes, pick a color of each box and ask your child to glue the collage materials of different colors in the right color box.


  •  Matching Numbers

Sharpen your child’s number recognition and counting skills by playing matching numbers game. You can write numbers in bold letters on the craft sticks and make the same number of shapes or designs on different set of sticks. Mix them up and ask you child to pair the sticks after matching and counting the numbers.

Engage your children in these fun activities and give them a head start in learning about seasons, numbers, colors and shapes.

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