Internet Safety for Children: A Checklist You Should Follow

Keeping your children safe should be your first priority. As your children get older, it’s up to you to teach them how to use the internet safely. The following checklist will help you keep your children on the right track and out of danger.

A checklist you should follow for child safety on internet

Surf the Net Together

Start with surfing the net together. You can show them children-friendly, educational websites. As they use those websites more often, watch where they go and learn what kinds of subjects they enjoy researching. Be engaged and talk to them about the things they’ve watched and encourage their interest in different content.

Stay Involved

Once you start to allow your children to use the internet alone, start by discussing internet safety with them. Tell them that the internet can also have scary content, so they should inform you if they see anything that makes them feel scared or uncomfortable. It’s key to build trust and let your children know that they can talk to you about anything they are watching.

Create Passwords for Your Devices

Create passwords for all of your electronic devices. This way, your child will have to bring the device to you every time they want to access the device. You will be able to monitor when they are online and can even set parental controls so you can limit the amount of time they are active.

Enable Settings for Safe Searching

Enable your safe-search settings to prevent your child from accessing sites that may be suspicious. Devices come with parental controls so that you can protect your child even when you aren’t around. You have the ability to set different safe search controls, so always make sure to set them and continuously adjust the controls as they grow older.

Choose Appropriate Content

It’s up to you to teach them what is good content and what is bad content. Answer their questions and be honest. Show children how to find content that is appropriate for their age group. Set an example by showing your child that you choose appropriate content as well.

Making sure that your child is safe while they surf the net is extremely important. Teach them about what they can and cannot click on and what is appropriate content. Let your children know that you trust them to make good choices. Always be open, honest, and there to hear anything they want to talk about.

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