A Study on the Effects of Too Much Screen Time on Your Child’s Social Skills

Children love to watch videos and listen to music on smartphones or tablets. The problem is that excessive amounts of screen time can cause long-term issues in relation to various forms of development. Children who are constantly staring at a screen may eventually lose their ability to respond effectively to certain types of stimuli. Studies prove that this type of prolonged behavior causes a variety of negative results.

A Study on Too Much Screen Time on Your Child’s Social Skills

Minimal Social Skills

When young children become more interested in watching a screen than interacting with their peers, it can reduce their willingness to participate in other activities. Too much screen time will limit the amount of time they get to spend developing the social skills they will need to succeed both in the school and in the future as they get older. Social skills are vitally important when it comes to interacting with other students and adults.

Behavioral Issues

As the child gets increasingly involved with watching their computer screens, the real world may seem more difficult to navigate. This can eventually result in behavioral issues and acting out in class or at home. Studies have proven that the more screen time a child has, the more likely they are to tease or bully others. In some cases, acting out is their way of getting extra attention.

Poor Physical Health

Kids that spend their time watching a computer screen for several hours a day are much less active than their peers who participate in various types of physical activity. The longer this goes on, the weaker the child’s body becomes. This eventually leads to poor physical health and a decrease in physical strength. Minimizing their screen time to approximately 30 minutes to an hour a day will encourage the child to participate in more physical activities.

Excessive screen time has detrimental effects on both the physical and mental health of your child. Finding ways to reduce the amount of time your child spends on their electronic devices will go a long way in improving your child’s health. Keeping your child physically active will strengthen both their body and mind.

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