4 Fun and Simple Craft Ideas for Children

Crafts are an easy yet enjoyable way to keep children entertained and engaged. Whether you’re looking for things for children to do for an upcoming school project, or you’re simply trying to find new daily activities for your own children, the following crafts will get you started.

: 4 Fun and Simple Craft Ideas for Children

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These 4 craft ideas are full of fun and are simple enough for your children:

  1. Thumbprint Images and Drawings Instead of buying stamps, why not have children use thumbprints to make pictures? With a few stamp pads in different colors, children will be on their way to creating original artwork.

    Depending on the age of the children, you may need to help them with drawing various images and faces. You can even turn their thumbprint art into wall hangings, greeting cards, and wrapping paper.

  2. Tape Snowflake Art Pick up a pack of small to medium sized canvases and a small assortment of blue and white paint at the local craft store. Help the children tape snowflakes with masking tape on their canvases. Then let them paint in varying shades of blue and white around the snowflakes. Once the paint has dried fully, pull off the tape. You’ll be left with clean white snowflakes.

  3. Popsicle Stick Ornaments There are quite a few fun shapes and creatures that you can make with Popsicle sticks that are fun and creativity boosting for children. Just a few popular options include animals, birds, nests, trees, photo frames, and stars. The possibilities for painting and decorating these ornaments are endless. For example, the children can glue buttons and sequins to their Popsicle stick trees.

  4. Solo Cups Crafts Purchase red Solo cups. Wrap a strip of black electrical tape around the top and then glue a washer on the front of each cup. The decorated cups are perfect for serving food, distributing party favors, and much more. Use them to make various craft ideas as kings and queens, gift baskets, bunny cups and many more.

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