Pacific Preschool & Kindergarten: Our Child & Day Care Facilities

Our facilities are designed with these concerns:

  • Healthy, safe and stimulating environments bundled together for a perfect child care
  • Interior spaces with flexibility for creative programming
  • Two outdoor play areas: safe and appropriate for their respective age levels
  • Comfortable and efficient work and storage areas for our staff
  • Accessible and functional administrative spaces
  • Safety for your child…one door in/out: always supervised by the administration!

Outside Play Areas

Our outside play areas are divided into two fenced areas accommodating the early preschool in one and the preschool/Kindergarten in the other. The areas provide uncluttered security as well as freedom. The basic elements for facilitating large motor and socio-emotional development are included in these play area designs, climbing structures, sand areas, wheel toy paths, covered table areas, and grassy activity areas! The enclosed early preschool areas allow for an outdoor classroom experience with large motor activities. We believe that in child care settings, we should pay extra attention to the children at outside play areas as they are unpredictable and energetic there. So, we make every possible effort for careful supervision, well-maintained equipment, and appropriate play surfaces so as to avoid the frequency and severity of any misfortune.