Our Early Education Programs for Child Development

At Pacific Preschool our goal is to provide overall child development, which prepares your child for Kindergarten with a focus on the “Total Child” that includes physical, socio-emotional and intellectual/academic approach towards education.
  • Our program is individualized with ongoing assessment of your child’s needs and progress.
  • Facilitative with our focus on your child’s sense of “self,” including competence, confidence, and comfort.


  • Academics with developmentally-appropriate instruction
  • Thematic foundation with an emergent approach
  • Starts in early preschool, taking on more structure as your child progresses into our preschool and pre-kindergarten child development program
  • Longitudinal & Comprehensive Assessment process starts in September, where we determine individual goals for each child
  • Pre-Kindergarten Skills assessment for all children 3.9 years or older focusing on socio-emotional, fine motor, visual perception, reading readiness, language development, comprehension, decoding, math readiness, number sense, math functions, measurement, geometry, reasoning, and large motor skills
  • Art, theme projects, music appreciation and movement, literature appreciation and information, and science

Individual Program Information

Early Preschool Program

  • Toddlers: Children 18 months to 2½ years
  • Children 2½ years – turning 3 years
  • Introduction to all facets of Preschool
  • Individual assessment
  • A ratio of 1 adult: 5 children


  • Children 3 – 4 years
  • 2-year focus on Kindergarten readiness
  • Individual assessment and ongoing small-group skills instruction
  • A ratio of 1 adult: 8 children



  • Children 5 years (by September 1)
  • Specially designed curriculum including California State Standards
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Ongoing assessments
  • Common Core and much, much more…
  • Small class size / 17 children
  • 5.5 hours per day