Fun Learning Activities at Home with Pacific Preschool

To make learning fun for your child and keep them engaged at home during this COVID-19 outbreak, we are sharing fun and interesting preschool activities every day on our Facebook page. These activities will keep your children busy and entertained, and they will enjoy their learning time at home.

A child learning at home

Here are some preschool activities you can enjoy with your child:

Fun Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of items like a toy with wheels, a book with the first letter of your name in the title, a pair of matching socks, four things that are green, something round, etc., and ask your child to collect all of them in a bag or basket. Make sure that everything is put back to where it belongs after this fun learning activity.

Sensory Play and Large Motor Movement

Children love sensory activities. Ask them to engage in activities that appeal to their sense of sight, sound, and touch. For example, you can make a salt tray and ask your child to practice mark-making, doodling, number and letter formation, writing their name and drawing pictures, and more.

Exciting Science Activity

Our world is full of colors. Help your child understand the world better by exploring how different colors are made. Paper towel color mixing is an excellent experiment. Take 3 clear glass cups, blue and yellow food color, and paper towels. Fill each cup with approximately one inch of water and line them up in a row.

Put enough drops of yellow food color in the left cup, and then do the same to the right cup with blue food color. Leave the middle cup with plain water. Now gently dip the folded paper towel from each cup into the middle cup. After a few hours, the colors will get absorbed into the paper towels and start to mix and make green water in the middle (plain water) cup.

Drawing with Toy Cars

Gather a few toy cars, or you may get some rolling items. Use tape to attach markers/pens to the back of the toy cars. Make sure that the pen is in level with the bottom of the car. Now place the car on the top of the paper and invite your children to make drawings while the car rolls all over the paper.


Visit our Facebook and Instagram page to watch Miss Kathi’s recorded video of bumping up and down in my little red wagon. While watching the video, children can clap hands, jump up and down, play instruments.

The Importance of Soap

Take a small dish and place a small amount of dish soap, just enough for your child to dip their finger. Ask your child to shake or grind a lot of pepper all over the water and pretend these are germs. Once the water is sufficiently covered with pepper, ask your child to dip their finger in the water with no soap. Are the flakes still there, or do they go away?

Now have your child dip their finger in the soap and then in the water. What did the soap do to the pepper? During this fun learning activity at home, have a reflective discussion about why it is important to wash your hands with soap.

We regularly update our Facebook page with fun learning activities. Follow our Facebook page to stay updated on Daily Parent/Child Tip and activities!

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