11 Backyard Games for Children to Have Fun in the Sun

Summer parties can be tiring for young children who don’t want to spend hours sitting around the grill with lemonade in hand. The next time you host or attend a summer gathering, think about organizing one or more of the following backyard games to keep the children entertained:WaterGames

  1. Outdoor scavenger hunt. Make a list of items that children can find in the backyard (i.e. a flower pot, a red leaf) and let them go to it. If they are too young to read, have them draw pictures or snap photos of their finds.

  2. Yard Twister. Ground marking spray will allow you to paint a Twister board right on the grass that will grow out after a few weeks. You can customize the size of the dots as well as the size of the board for the age and number of players.

  3. Water themed games. Backyard games involving water are a great way to have fun while staying cool. Fill up a batch of water balloons and organize a water balloon toss or a game of dodge ball with water balloons.

  4. Classic backyard games. It’s hard to go wrong with classic backyard games such as Leap Frog, Red Light / Green Light, Mother May I?, and tag. Children would love to play these games.

  5. Tug of war. The only item that you need to play tug of war is a sturdy piece of rope. Divide the entire lot of children into two evenly matched teams and let them compete to pull the rope onto their side first.

  6. Three legged race. A three legged race is another great summer game that only requires rope. Split the group up into pairs, tie two of the pairs’ legs together, establish starting and finish lines, and designate someone to oversee the race.

  7. Water Balloon Piñata. String up some colorful water balloons over a tree and ask children to hit these balloons with a bat or wrapping paper tube. You can even have them play this game blindfolded. Children will enjoy getting wet under this wild waterfall.

  8. Balloon Relay. Fill up some balloons with water. Divide children into two teams and have them stand in a line. Hand a balloon to the line leader and ask them to place it between their knees. Now they have to pass the balloon, knees-to-knees, until it reaches the last player in the line.

  9. Ice Challenge. Fill your small pool with water and put some ice cubes in it. Divide children into two teams, hand them a bucket and ask them to fill the bucket with ice cubes using their feet. This simple and easy-to-play game will help children chill out in the sun.

  10. Hide and Seek. Put the blindfold on one child and spin them around while other children scatter. Now the seeker has to find the scattered children who are rooted and can’t move from their place. It’s the perfect game every child will enjoy.

  11. Sponge Ball War. Have a war of sponge balls in your backyard. This game is even more interesting than a water balloon fight. Children will have a total blast tossing sponge balls at each other. It sounds like a perfect summer game!

Try these games and turn your backyard into a perfect amusement spot for your child this summer.

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