5 Lovely Ideas to Embrace Valentine’s Day with Preschoolers

Embracing simple Valentine’s Day activities with preschool-age children makes the day more fun for them. Whether you’re a parent looking for ways to celebrate at home or you’re a teacher planning activities for your class, these 5 Valentine’s Day projects will keep children happy and engaged. simple Valentine’s Day activities with preschool-age children

1. Build a Valentine Mailbox
It becomes just as much fun to receive valentines as it is to give them when you have a homemade mailbox to collect them. Cut a slot in the lid of a shoebox, cover the box and lid in plain paper, and encourage your preschooler to decorate the mailbox with stickers and markers.

2. Create a Hand Valentine
Help your preschooler trace and cut out his handprint on a sheet of red or pink card stock. Write a silly hand themed message on a heart shape, such as “You’re great, hands down.” or “I want to hold your hand.” Then have the preschooler sign his name before giving it to a loved one.

3. Play the Missing Heart Game
Place a group of paper hearts in the middle of a circle of preschoolers. Tell the children that you’re going to take one away. After they’ve opened their eyes, they must figure out which heart is missing. If the game is too easy, take away multiple hearts each time.

4. Play the Find Your Match Game
Distribute single hearts cut in half or pairs of colored or patterned paper hearts among a group of preschoolers. Instruct them to walk around the room and find their matching hearts.

5. Make Heart Shaped Food A heart-shaped cookie cutter instantly transforms sandwiches, cheese slices, fruit slices, and, of course, cookies into heart shaped treats. Have fun preparing lunch with heart shaped items or spend the afternoon baking heart shaped sugar cookies.

♥Happy Valentine’s Day!

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