10 Amazing Halloween Crafts for Your Preschooler

Halloween brings along fun and mystery to entertain everyone, especially the children. There are a lot of crafts activities to engage your preschoolers into, so as to enhance their fun along with some creativity.

10 Amazing Halloween Crafts for Your Preschooler Here are 10 amazing Halloween crafts ideas to ensure that your children have plenty of Halloween fun this year:
  1. Paint Drip Monster Pots

    Help your preschooler create these paint drip monster pots that can be an absolute fun activity for them during this Halloween! After ensuring the paints are runny and not lumpy, begin by guiding them to soak the top of the pot in three colors of paint. Allow the pots to dry completely overnight and then using a paper, help your child carve out an eyeball and mouth. Include some white teeth to make it scarier and attach curve shaped straws in the top hole. It’s Done!

  2. Footprint Ghosts

    Make these lovable footprint ghosts with your preschooler this Halloween! You can even make some awesome garland by cutting them out and use it as Halloween party decoration. Begin by using white washable paint to coat your child’s foot and let them stand on a black colored card stock paper. Have them trace around the footprint using a white crayon to make a ghost figure. After the white paint dries out completely, let them draw a scary ghost face! So cute!

  3. Toilet Paper Roll Spiders

    This Halloween you can engage your child in making toilet paper roll spiders by inducing 4 slits on each of its edges. After immersing the ends into black paint, cast it on a white card stock paper. Stick some googly eyes so as to make it look like a spider. You can also create more spiders using the leftover toilet roll by repeating the mentioned steps!

  4. Painted Rock Ghosts

    Now create a boo or two with your preschooler by making painted rock ghosts. Start by cleaning the stones properly. After completely drying the stones, coat them using white acrylic paint. You might require applying more than one coating of white to conceal the stones completely. When the white paint dries off, make ghostly details on each rock with a black permanent marker. Voila!

  5. Frankenstein Tape Popsicle Stick

    Your preschooler will enjoy making these little Frankies out of Popsicle sticks! They could use it as cool bookmarks during Halloween time! Start by splitting small portions of tape and leveling them diagonally back and forth over the Popsicle stick. After covering the Popsicle stick with tape, draw some hair and mouth using a black sharpie. Stick on a few googly eyes and the bolts protruding out of his neck and you are good to go!

  6. Pot Lid Pumpkin

    Try making a pot lid pumpkin by first coating the lid with a gray primer. After it dries completely, color the pumpkin and draw its facial features using a regular craft paint. Spray with transparent sealer after drying it. The stem is a piece of tree limb from your yard. Paste on a piece of tree limb as a stem and then tie raffia bow. You can stick a small plastic ring for hanging.

  7. Paper Plate Witch

    For making a paper plate witchcraft, begin by tracing your preschooler’s handprint on the surface of 2 folded orange paper pieces so you can cut the witches hair at once for! Color the paper plate with green paint and leave aside to dry. Carve out a witch’s hat and make the eyes using a sharpie. Later on, paste the hat, the eyes and the handprint “hair”. Make witches face and you’re done!

  8. Hand Print Vampire Halloween Make a handprint vampire Halloween by using a tan-colored paint to color the bottom half of your children’s hand and color the top four fingers with black. Let them cast it on a white piece of paper and allow it to dry. Carve out some red and black cape pieces and paste them beneath the handprint. Stick on the googly eyes and make vampire teeth! Awesome!

  9. Water Bottle Cap Pumpkin Stamping Craft Using a recycled water bottle, make this simple pumpkin craft along with your preschooler for Halloween! Make some attractive pumpkin stamps by letting the children dunk their water bottle cap using some orange paint and create three circles in a row. Using a small paintbrush, make a stem/leaf with paint! That’s about it!

  10. Egg Carton Bat Halloween Craft You can make this craft by cutting up separate cups from a frame of a big egg carton so as to have simply a small piece of the top. Color the egg carton using a black paint and allow it to dry. Glue on a few purple googly eyes. Sketch an outline of the wings by measuring around the egg carton and paste them together. Take a black paper and cut two triangle ears and make folds to glue them to the upper part of the bat’s head! Done!

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