What Skills Your Child Should Have Before Entering Kindergarten

Entering kindergarten is an exciting and crucial time for your child! It marks a significant transition in their life as they get introduced to the structured school setting for the first time.

What Skills Your Child Should Have Before Entering Kindergarten

Here is a brief look at what important skills your child should have before entering kindergarten:

Letter Recognition

Letter RecognitionYour child should at least be able to identify the alphabets/letters in their name. In kindergarten, they will acquire skills to write in uppercase and lowercase letters, and they will gradually learn to write freehand without tracing.

Number Recognition and Counting

Your child should have basic knowledge about numbers. This includes the ability to understand and recognize numbers as well as be able to count from 1 to 10.

Basic Shape Recognition

Your child should be able to identify basic geometric shapes including square, circle, rectangle, and triangle which is usually taught in a preschool. In kindergarten, your child might be introduced to shapes like the hexagon, star, heart, and octagon.

Social Skills

Your child should be capable of following directions, getting separated from the caregiver, and using the restroom independently. Teachers may not have the time to individually assist students who cannot use restroom independently. The unhappy reaction of children on being separated from their caregiver could interrupt the whole class.

Kindergarten is a crucial stage for children as they begin to explore the school system with their developing minds. Perhaps, you are already helping your child learn the skills mentioned above to prepare them for their transition to kindergarten. Remember to make it fun and easy for you and your child.

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