Happy Mother’s Day: 5 Activities to Spend Quality Time

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate all of the moms in your life including aunts, grandmothers, and friends. No gift is as precious as spending quality time with dear mom this Mother’s Day. Rejoice her presence in your life with sweet memories that she can keep forever.

Mother’s Day

The following 5 learning activities are a great way for children to spend quality time with the moms in their lives on the special day dedicated to all the mothers:

  1. Baby Animal and Mom Match up. Matching games on baby animal are an effective way for children to work on visual recognition and discrimination. It is indeed a great companion activity that children can enjoy with their mothers.
  2. I Love You Because… Have the child come up with different reasons why he or she loves mom. You can write to them on a large piece of paper from an art roll or turn them into a card or piece of artwork.
  3. Stamped Flower Art. Look for natural materials to create a flower stamp, such as bundling several pieces of celery into a flower shape with a rubber band or carving a flower in a potato half. Then let the little one use the stamp to create his own artwork for his mom.
  4. Plant. Children gain a tremendous amount of information about the plant growth process and get ample sensory input by planting a seed and watching it grow. Choose a flower or herb that will thrive well in a small pot and allow the child to decorate the pot as he chooses.
  5. Recycled Paper Card. There are several different simple methods for making your own recycled paper out of old paper (i.e. newspapers, junk mail). This process teaches children the importance of recycling and enables them to create a one of a kind card for their moms out of paper that they made themselves.

  6. These activities will not only foster your child’s learning but also will nourish the endearing relationship to strengthen further.

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