How Does Music Education Boosts Learning

Today, music occupies a special place in the hearts of those in the field of childhood development. This is because music supports learning in a number of ways. Let’s take a look at three of them:

Music Aids Brain Growth and DevelopmentMusic classes for kids Regardless of whether your child is an auditory learner or a visual learner, music has a unique impact on a child’s brain. When a child hears music, his brain responds causing a spike in brain wave activity. This causes the brain to release dopamine, a hormone which in addition to improving mood also causes the child to become interested in things they normally would not. With respect to development, the brain acts like a muscle. The more a child learns, the more quickly their brains will develop.

Music Improves Verbal Recall Learning can occur in any number of ways under any number of conditions. Most children learn in a setting where a high emphasis is placed on verbal explanations. Studies have proven that music improves the speed and efficacy with which children recall verbal explanations. Once a child recalls verbal recognition, the brain cross references the material with the visual information with which it was associated, allowing them to apply the knowledge practically come test time.

Learning Music Improves Hand-Eye Coordination and Memory The moment a child is born, he begins the process of learning how to interact with his environment. Hand-eye coordination is an integral part of this process. One of the ways that a child can begin to improve hand-eye coordination is to learn to play an instrument. Learning an instrument also improves memory. The practical application of hand-eye coordination and recall stimulates the brain affording the child the opportunity to improve on what he already knows.

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