Helping Your Child with the Transition into Pre-School

Small children often become anxious when they have new experiences, especially when they are away from their parents. Pre-school can be a fun and exciting experience once the children are taught to overcome their anxiety and allow themselves to enjoy the time they spend with other students. Child with the Transition into Pre-School Talk to Your Child About What They Will Be Doing

When it comes to any new experience for a youngster, it is important to talk to them and let them know exactly what to expect. If you have the materials, allow them to experience a few of the activities at home. Fingerprinting, coloring and playing with blocks are all tasks that can be done at home before they go to pre-school for the first time.

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Take a Tour of the Facility

Take a short tour of the facility with your child and let them see first-hand where they will be spending their time. If possible, take the tour during school hours so they can meet a few of their potential classmates.

Make a Scrapbook

Once they start school, begin a scrapbook so they can save some of the items they make. Take pictures of their events and create a photo diary so they can look back at the pictures throughout the year. Ask the teacher if you can take a few pictures during class time to show all of the children interacting with one another.

Encourage Them to Talk About Their Day

At the end of the day encourage the child to talk about their day. This will allow you to offer encouragement when it is needed, discipline if there has been a problem and praise for days when they succeed at reaching a goal.

It is normal for children to get a culture shock while getting exposed to a new environment. Parents must help their children to get along well with the new environment.

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