7 Tricks to Teach Children Discipline the Right Way

Teaching children discipline takes patience and persistence. Parenting does not have a guidebook to follow. Each child is uniquely different and has his or her own character and personality that can make disciplining them difficult. Here are 7 tricks to teach children discipline the right way.

  1. Constant Reminders
  2. Young children have extremely short attention spans. Constant reminders are sometimes needed if a child seems distracted. It may also help to work with them the first time they attempt a task.

  3. Explain the Consequences
  4. When a child misbehaves, clearly explain what the consequences will be. Sometimes, a child may need to experience the consequences before they truly understand what they mean.

  5. Time out
  6. Sitting a child in time out, gives the child a few minutes to think about their actions and the resulting consequences. Using time outs is one of the best parenting skills available, especially when more than two children are involved.

  7. Express Your Feelings
  8. Show your child that their actions upset you. Children want their parents to be proud of them. If they feel they have disappointed their parents, they may be less likely to exhibit poor behavior.

  9. Change Their Surroundings
  10. If a child begins to act up in crowds or in certain situations, changing their surroundings may diffuse their behavior. Move them away from the group or to another room.

  11. Establish Consequences
  12. Make sure the punishment fits the deed. Establishing consequences ahead of times will ensure appropriate punishments are doled out on a consistent basis. It also makes sure each child is treated equally and is given the same punishment for the same offense.

  13. Dislike the Behavior, Not the Child
  14. Always let your child know you love them after they have been disciplined. You can dislike the behavior, but don’t let the child feel as if you dislike him or her.

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