6 Enjoyable Christmas Games for Preschoolers

It’s not always easy to keep preschoolers on task around the holidays. Here are some engaging and educational preschool Christmas games: Enjoyable Christmas Games for Preschoolers

  1. Nativity Hunt

    Before class, hide pieces of a nativity scene around the room. As students find the pieces, have them put each piece in the pasture and give the class a brief description of what the piece represents.

  2. Follow the Clues

    Hide items before class. Read two clues per item to each student and have them follow the clues. Maybe each item is a letter spelling out ‘Christ’ or ‘Christmas.’ Once all the pieces have been found, help the children organize them into the correct spelling.

  3. Happy Birthday

    It’s time to celebrate the birth of Christ. Have the students sit in a circle. The rules of Duck, Duck Goose apply. Replace ‘duck’ with ‘happy’ and ‘goose’ with ‘birthday.’ The last child in the circle gets to open the first present.

  4. Stable

    When Mary went to give birth, there was no room in the inn. Play musical chairs. As each child is left out of the circle, shout ‘no room in the inn.’ The last child in the inn gets to open a gift.

  5. Pass the Gift

    Wrap a Christmas gift multiple times before class. Have the students sit in a circle and pass the gift as music plays. When the music stops, a student unwraps the layer and passes it off when the music starts again. The student who unwraps the final layer gets to keep the gift.

  6. Sleigh Bells Ring

    Cut the shape of a stocking out of foam and mount it. Attach three bells to ribbon on the back. The bells should hang down into the cutout. Have students throw Christmas themed bean balls through the cutout to try to ring the bells.

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