6 Entertaining Backyard Summer Games for Your Children

Want to have some fun with your children this summer? Instead of going to theme parks or resorts, you can enjoy in your own backyard by organizing some creative and entertaining activities for your children or preschooler.

6 Entertaining Backyard Summer Games for Your Children

Check Out These Backyard Summer Games To Have Fun In The Sun

  1. Scavenger Hunt

    Hide some items in your backyard and ask children to find them. You can either make them compete with each other or have them work together to look for the items. This will help in keeping your children engaged and entertained for long.

  2. Let’s Get Freeze

    You can select one child and ask her to catch and touch others. Once touched, that child will remain frozen until the other free child is caught and touched. When everyone in the game is frozen except the one you chose in the beginning, you can restart the game.

  3. Turn the Ball into a Sprinkler

    You can connect a big inflated beach ball to your water hose and turn out the water. This ball will turn into a sprinkler spraying out water on all sides. This is perfect for the summer heat and will be loved by children of all ages.

  4. Build a Sandbox

    Children love playing in the sand and can spend hours digging and making unusual structures. You can place animal shaped structures or build your own sandbox. A perfect game to bring out imagination and creativity in preschoolers!

  5. Clear the Obstacles

    You can include activities like running, climbing, jumping or twirling through hula hoops, hopping along a garden hose, crawling under the chairs, or walking with a ball placed between your knees. These activities will help in keeping your children fit and active.

  6. Fun in the Pool

    Who wouldn’t love to splash in the summer? Children love water. You can fill up a kiddie pool and let your children enjoy by splashing around in the pool. This is the perfect way to relax in the summers.

It’s time to transform your backyard into an entertainment oasis for your children!

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