10 Fun Filled Thanksgiving Day Activities for Children

Thanksgiving is a great time to impart a few lessons on the value of friends, family, and gratitude to your young ones, while the turkey’s cooking. In doing so you can get a valuable opportunity to have some quality and fun-filled moments with your preschool child. You can help make your preschooler’s learning more enjoyable and interesting by involving them in activities that will blend perfectly with the holiday season.

Thanksgiving Day Activities for Children

Here is a compilation of a few fun filled Thanksgiving activities for your preschooler:

  1. Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

    Help your children and their buddies prepare a list of 5 to 10 Thanksgiving related items on a sheet of paper. Then hide the Thanksgiving items in your house or garden area and hand over a copy of the list to each player. After you utter the word ‘go’, the children will have to search for the hidden objects within a specific time. The player who gets the most items in the allotted time will be declared the winner.

  2. What Is Missing?

    Arrange 10 to 15 Thanksgiving related items like a tiny pilgrim hat, small boat, candy corn, turkey stickers, and etc. on a big tray and tell the children to observe each item closely. Now cleverly remove an item when the children are looking away and check if they can guess what is missing. After a few game rounds, the player who correctly guesses the highest number of missing items will be the winner.

  3. Greeting a Relative

    Thanksgiving is a wonderful season of meeting and greeting family and friends, so it is significant that you ensure that your children are ready to have proper introductions with your family guests. Try to teach your young ones the importance of being grateful in the simplest and most understandable way. Also teach them about the virtues of being loving, sharing and caring.

  4. Thank You Collage Place Mats

    Ask your children to mention the people that they feel thankful to, or things that have made them happy. Cut out the magazine pictures relevant to your child’s narration. Make several copies of each picture, in order to create identical placemats with the same images. Help your children paste them on construction paper, and once the whole paper is filled, laminate it to use as placemats.

  5. Catering Toddler

    Children love role-playing activities, so let them help through the same means on big holidays. Tell them to decorate a holiday table and they’ll be game for it! Help your child put on a fancy apron and ask to help out in serving the guests with you at the dining table. A special dish especially created and served only by your child will be quite an encouraging activity for your child.

  6. The Corn Count

    Position your preschooler in a cozy place and explain him /her how to remove the corn kernels from the corn. Take two bowls and place the corn cob inside one of them. Help your preschooler to count the kernels and place them in another bowl. You can make good use of those corn cobs by including it in your dinner ingredients and inform everyone how your preschooler helped you!

  7. The Turkey Trot Race

    If your town organizes a turkey run on Thanksgiving morning, ensure to confirm the venue and time for the event. Help your preschooler select comfortable shoes for the event. You can prepare your children in advance for the turkey run by taking a regular short walk or run with them before the day of the event.

  8. Colorful Leaf Turkey

    Spread a generous amount of glue on a paper plate. Let your child cover the plate completely by placing leaves on it. Meanwhile, you can carve out a turkey shape from your cardstock while your child is busy placing the leaves. You can include a nose, eyes etc. on your turkey cutout. Once your child has finished pasting the leaves, stick the turkey cutout on the front side of the paper plate and let it dry.

  9. Leaf Decoration for the Window

    Ask your preschooler to collect a variety of colored leaves in a big basket. After having collected enough leaves, pull out a piece of tape and position it face up on a table or any other even surface. Help your child put each individual leaf carefully on the tape so as to stick it to the tape. Your child will love this decoration fixed onto the window.

  10. Toilet Paper Pilgrim Hat

    Using a black piece of paper, wrap the toilet paper roll and then cut out two black circles. Ask your child to help you paste the smaller black circle on the inside of the top with the help of a sticky tape and attach the bigger circle to the base of the tube. Decorate your pilgrim hat by cutting out a yellow rectangle and sticking it on the bottom part of the hat. Your child will be happy to see it placed over your dog’s head!

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