Tips to Make Video Calls More Interactive for Your Child

Video calls are a great way to help your child stay connected with loved ones. They also help in enhancing responsive communication skills in your child. However, letting your child stay connected through video calls can be exhausting. You have to help and support them during a video chat to make it successful.

Tips to make video calls more interactive for your child

Here are some tips that will help you make video calls more engaging and interactive for your child:

Make a Schedule

Make video calls a regular part of your routine, such as every Sunday. Choose a fixed time of the day when your child is not tired or restless. They have to sit quietly for some time so they can focus on the screen.

Keep the Calls Short

Don’t make the video calls extra-long. Children tend to get bored after some time, so try to make calls short. If it is taking a little longer, you can ask your child to go and play for some time.

Help Them Adjust

Help your child adjust to the video call by concentrating on the sight and sound of the video chat. Repeat questions asked by the person on the other side of the screen. Point out the things they can see and identify.

Prepare Them in Advance for the Call

Encourage them to prepare for the questions they want to ask during the call. Ask them in advance if they’re going to show anything such as their toys, clothes, or school work. Help them remember these things during the call.

Try Doing Something during the Call

Don’t make the calls by just sitting on the couch. Try doing something with your children, like playing with blocks or toys. This helps in helping your child focus on the call and be calm during the conversation.

A quick video chat can be a fun way to help your child feel close to distant family members and friends!

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