Plan a Nutritious Diet for Your Toddlers

As a parent you can probably feel confused over deciding what the best diet is for your toddler and in what quantities. In this modernized world it is so hard to pick the correct kind of foods for your child. What would work for other kids might cause an allergic reaction to your toddler. However, the point is ensuring your child gets the best nutrition.

Just like adults, children too need a balanced diet made up of vitamins and minerals. Too much of anything no matter how good it may seem, is harmful. Since kids have a wide variety of interests, it would be good if you give your child several options to choose from as long as the combination is a healthy choice. If you are cooking a certain meal you know your child dislikes, mix it with some of his/her favorite dishes.

You can also increase your child’s appetite by limiting their drink and snack time. By limiting their intake between meals this will allow for them to work up and appetite and actually eat during breakfast, lunch or dinner instead of play with their food or push it aside. Having a balanced diet does not necessarily mean a boring food routine. There are a lot of yummy foods to alternate sugary foods. These are:

Balance Diet
  • Calcium-enriched yogurt

  • Bananas, pears and apples to replace candies or chocolates.

  • Whole grain bread having a spread of peanut butter to replace sandwiches.

  • Mashed bananas have a natural sweet taste and your toddler will surely love it.

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