Mommy and Me: Small Tasks that Make a Big Difference

As a mom you are a busy bee! Whether making breakfast, dropping the kids off at school or maintaining the home, you never get to clock out. So why not let your children help you in all the day to day activities that go into successfully running a home and managing time with family. This will give you a chance to catch your breath and give them some tasks that they will be so happy to help you with.

To keep track of all the great work they have done, make a small chart on the fridge where they can place a sticker for which tasks they helped mommy with. They will be proud to show off how helpful they were and this will help you in building a routine.

Below is a list of 4 things you and your children can do together

  1. Sorting clothes 

    Let your little ones sort the clothes that need to go in the wash. Darks, lights and colors all in separate piles. They will feel proud helping mommy and want to help time and time again!

  2. Gardening 

    Buy your child a small gardening kit of their own! They’ll love racking leaves right next to mom but don’t leave them alone too long they’ll have a hay day in that leaf pile.

  3. Feed the family pet 

    No harm in letting your little one feed your dog Max. Let them scoop their dry food every morning. Make sure you store it in a child friendly area where they are able to reach it with no problem at all.

  4. Clean up Clean up 

    Time to clean up! After play time, help your child get in the routine of storing away all of their toys until next time. If they have got a neighbor over for playtime encourage him or her to join in too!

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2 Comments for Mommy and Me: Small Tasks that Make a Big Difference

  1. John Atkinson

    That is a splendid post. I totally agree that small tasks given to children make a huge difference for a mom. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a mom, but I’ve watched my wife hurrying to manage everything in our home and not succeeding. Giving tasks to the kids not only helps the mom, though. It helps the little fellas, too, because they learn how to maintain their homes and they become more responsible. Gardening is a great hobby and parenting instrument.



  2. Ophelia

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    of it. I’ve got you saved as a favorite to check out new stuff
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