Me, Myself and I: How to Raise an Independent Child

Remember the days when your child would cling to your shirt and lay their head on your shoulder? As much as we might miss those days, it’s important for us, as parents to encourage our children to thrive on their own.

Let’s have a look at some ways to do that:Mother and child attachment

Attachment is okay

Studies have shown that children who have a support system, someone who knows and understands them, whom they trust implicitly and to whom they can run to for support; will feel safe enough to push their own limits. As counterintuitive as attachment may seem, it is really quite essential.

Nurture curiosity

Children grow and learn at their own pace. Pushing them too hard or too soon will be detrimental to them. As instead of inspiring confidence in their ability to do something, they may become depressed at their inability to do the same. Be careful. Encourage growth, don’t rush it.

Push as needed

Children learn and grow in increments. Mastery of one milestone should be seguing to the next. As your child learns to speak, introduce new words. As your child begins to comprehend, mimic them and have them mimic you. Label objects with names and ask them to repeat them. The more they learn, the more they will want to learn.

Find the balance

Finding the balance is the key to encourage your child to be independent as once you find it, you can reinforce it for long term. Read your child. If they are ready to learn something new, they will tell you in one way or another.

Your child is an individual

Not all children grow and develop at the same rate. Treat each child as an individual and they will come to respect themselves as such. The more empowered they feel as an individual, the better.

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