Diagnosing Your Lonely Child

Child sitting lonely with an apple

Many children experience a period of time in which they don’t seem to have any deep friendships. It’s true that friendships among children change often. But a prolonged period without any obvious friendship can be problematic for their social development. This condition is unhealthy for a child and disturbing to parents.

If you are concerned about your child’s lack of friendships, here are some ways to determine the best course of action:

  • Ask the childMother Talking To Her Child

    If you suspect that your child is lonely, ask them. If they are willing to discuss their friendships or lack of them with you, it can make it easier to determine why they don’t seem to be able to make friends. Paying attention and exploring their feelings can help you to get an idea of where the problem lies.

  • Ask the teacher

    If your child is hesitant to discuss the matter or if they are unsure why they don’t seem to have any friends, speak with your child’s teacher or other supervising adult. A teacher witnesses the interaction between your child and others on a daily basis. They can help you determine whether your child is exhibiting unfriendly behavior such as being bossy or controlling or they are too shy to interact with others.

    Often, children are isolated because of perceived differences. An adult can help facilitate the initial social interactions to help the child make friends.

After diagnosing the true causes of loneliness in your child you can take some helpful course of actions to resolve the loneliness of your child:

  • Social counseling

    Teachers can use social counseling to show children appropriate communication and friendship skills.

  • Joining groups

    Having a common interest can be enough to spark friendship among some children.

Diagnosing loneliness in children early can help parents and teachers to improve the situation. They can work together to ensure development of appropriate relationships that are essential for a child.

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