8 Ways Your Child Can Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

The spirit of Thanksgiving is about expressing thanks for good fortune and donating to the less fortunate. This year get your whole family involved in donating time, food or money in the community and spreading kindness so that your children have the opportunity to be thankful during the holiday season.

Here are 8 ways that will help teach your child to have a thankful heart:

  1. Name thanks during the meal. Have each person at the meal name one or two things that they have been thankful for this past year.

  2. Thanksgiving meal with familyMake a blessings jar. Sometimes people don’t think of their best ideas on the spot or would rather share blessings privately. Create a jar where family members can drop their blessings throughout November.

  3. Create festive decorations. Work as a family to make Thanksgiving centerpieces, napkin rings, door decorations and any other festive pieces of your choice.

  4. Donate to a favorite charity. Donate time, money and needed items to a favorite charity from Goodwill to a non-profit tutoring program.

  5. Teach manners. One of the best ways to give thanks is to say “thank you” for small things during the day such as someone holding a door for you. Model this practice for your children whenever possible.

  6. Visit a local hospital. The holidays can be a lonely time for people in the hospital. Take the time to talk to people at a local hospital during the week of Thanksgiving. They may enjoy reading a book together or playing a board game.

  7. Send a care package to a soldier stationed overseas. The holidays can also be lonely for soldiers who are a long way from home. Think about sending necessities as well as a few fun items such as non-perishable sweets and small games.

  8. Donate time to a local shelter. You can volunteer at a local homeless shelter, women’s shelter and even animal shelter.

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