8 Secrets of Good Parenting to Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

A high level of self-esteem helps a child face challenges. When children know their strengths and weaknesses and feel good about themselves, they are better equipped to handle conflicts and say no to negative pressures. Parents can take the following eight steps to building their kids’ self-esteem.Good Parenting

  1. Be a positive role model. Children with parents who have high self-esteem are more likely to build high self-esteem.

  2. Show affection. All dealings with children should be done with a wealth of affection and love. Give hugs and kisses and tell your children that you’re proud of them.

  3. Offer sincere appreciation and support. You want to give children regular praise without overdoing it. Don’t say something nice simply to avoid hurting a child’s feelings. It is better to provide constructive criticism than to tell a lie.

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  4. Entrust children with responsibilities. It is natural to want to do things for children so that they don’t become frustrated, upset, or angry. These emotions are a part of life, and children need to know that it’s okay to fail sometimes.

  5. Set appropriate expectations. Setting low goals and praising insignificant achievements or lacking goals altogether is not productive for children. You want to find a healthy balance that pushes kids to challenge themselves.

  6. Identify and redirect inaccurate beliefs. A child may come home from school and say, “I’m terrible at math.” As a parent, you must offer a helpful response, such as, “You’re a great student and just need a little more help with math than other subjects.”

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  7. Cater to children’s or your child’s interests. Pay attention to your children’s passions and interests and encourage them whenever possible.

  8. Create a safe, loving home environment. Children must feel that home is a place where they are safe and loved by all of their family members.

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