7 Toys Every Toddler And Preschooler Needs Around The House

Keeping your children busy while you make some time for yourself can sometimes be a difficult task.

Here are a couple activities that will keep both their brains and their bodies busy:

  1. Wooden puzzlesPuzzle Simple wooden puzzles with chunky pieces help little hands in several ways. It develops coordination and gives preschoolers a sense of accomplishment. There are a wide variety of puzzles to choose from. It ranges from princess to farm animals or action figures. So, you are sure to find something each of your children will love.

  2. Gears Plastic gears that interlock teach cause and effect and help in promoting an early love of science and engineering. Even small children will spend hours learning to piece together the colored cogs and wheels so that they can see them in action.

  3. Easel and art supplies Although it is not a toy, an easel allows children to interact through art, drawing and painting with their friends.

  4. Wooden blocks and accessoriesWooden Block Games Traditional wooden blocks, both the square type and the ones with varied shapes are a great choice. They allow budding architects to learn all about stacking. And let them use their imagination to create anything they like. Just remember that the blocks you are bringing home should be large enough to not be considered a choking hazard.

  5. Magnetic blocks and tiles Children love the fact that magnetic blocks and tiles won’t fall over as wooden ones. And it amazes them at just how high they can build their magnetic towers and structures. They also learn about magnets and their attraction to metal objects, making for hours of fun play.

  6. Baby dollsGirl Making a Fort With Blocks Baby dolls allow children to mimic social behaviors that they see around them. And they also learn to show empathy and affection through doll play.

  7. Forts A good old make shift fort is sometimes all you need. Help your children in constructing one by hanging blankets over chairs and use pillows to block the extra entry ways. They will love being able to have their own “hangout”.

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