7 Great Morning Hacks for Busy Families

A few of us have mornings down to a fine art, and unless you are wide awake from the moment you open your eyes each day, you’re likely to need a little help. If you have children to organize in addition to yourself, you don’t just need help, but a series of practical hacks.

Morning hacks

Here are some great morning hacks for busy families:

  1. Do it the Night Before

    Get into the habit of setting the table for breakfast as soon as your evening meal is complete. You may even find it helpful to portion out cereal and cover bowls with side plates, especially if this is likely to save the inevitable “me first” arguments!

  2. Plan for the Week

    Those hanging sweater holders are a lifesaver when it comes to planning the kid’s clothes for the week. Most have five compartments, which can be labeled Monday to Friday, taking care of school days. Your weekends are allowed to be more chaotic. Make sure that complete outfits are laid out, and if you allow the children to pick their outfits, fewer arguments over “I hate that!” will take place.

  3. Follow a Strict Morning Schedule

    Creating and sticking to a morning schedule will make your mornings more efficient. Perform the same activities in the same order as children get used to the routine easily. If they eat breakfast after getting ready, make sure you follow the same every day.

  4. Ensure an Early Bedtime for Your Family

    The more rested you are, the more efficient you will be in the morning. Go to bed early so you and your children can get enough sleep and can easily get out of bed early in the morning. Make a fixed bedtime routine for your family.

  5. Use Flashcards

    Don’t assume your children are any better at mornings than you are just because they appear to leap out of bed full of energy. Hanging cards for “clean teeth, brush hair, wash face” in your child’s room will help them remember what to do next and will save time.

  6. Don’t Miss Any Important Items

    You probably already employ the “bowl on the hall table” hack for yourself so that you don’t forget car keys and phone, but expand this to hold homework, sports kits, school projects, and anything else that has to leave the house with you the next day.

  7. Keep Your Clothes Safe from Spills

    If you are doing all the things after getting dressed, keep your dressing robe on over your clothes until you leave the house. It can be very useful for dealing with spills and splashes and keeping your clothes clean.

Do you have any morning hack that helps you to streamline your routine? Share in the comments below!

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