6 Effective Steps to Spend More Quality Family Time

In the hustle and bustle of today’s world, finding quality time to spend with our families seems elusive at times. There are ways however, to make this much-needed event happen on a regular basis.

One of the main things is to allow yourself to be imperfect. Here are some ways to make quality family time a reality in your family.Effective Steps to Spend More Quality Family Time_

  1. Family dinner and game night – Choose one night a week where phones and TVs are turned off and everybody enjoys a family meal and an evening full of games. Make this a priority in your week.

  2. Chore parties – Gather everyone together and turn on some music that is fun. Delegate chores and turn them into fun contests or dance competitions. Even the youngest family members can help.

  3. Delegate tasks – Rather than spending time running errands every day, hire someone to do the errands, ask a friend or outside relative to pick things up for you or hire someone to mow the lawn.

  4. Work from home – This may not be possible all the time, but it may be possible to do so a day or two a week. This saves travel time and allows you to spend your breaks with the kids. They can set up a play area in your office and be near you while you are home.

  5. Double your Meals – It is as easy to cook two night’s worth of food as it is one. Enjoy the first half on the night you cook and freeze the other half for a quick meal later on in the month.

  6. Shop Online – You can find nearly everything you need online. Utilize your computer to save travel time and time spent waiting in lines by doing online shopping whenever possible.

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