5 Ways to Help Your Child Prepare for Kindergarten

Starting kindergarten is an important milestone for your child. The thought of going to a preschool can make your child anxious. You can help them overcome the anxiety in a number of ways. Prepare them for kindergarten by helping them develop social and communication skills.

5 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

Here are some ways to get your child ready for kindergarten:

  1. Work on Developing Social Skills

    Encourage your child to make friends, share their toys with others, and participate in group activities. Teach them how to cooperate and collaborate with others in performing group activities. Take them to playgrounds, parks, and other places where they can interact with other children and play with them.

  2. Start Reading Books with Them

    Reading books with your child is the best way to develop pre-literacy skills. This will help your child easily recognize sounds and words and develop their reading interest. Read them stories and also encourage them to tell you a story based on the pictures in the books. This helps in developing their imagination and communication skills.

  3. Teach Them Manners

    Teach your child to be friendly, polite, and to say “Thank You” and “Please.” Help them practice taking turns and waiting in line patiently. Make them understand that it’s important to listen to other people. Teach them to look after and care for others. Also help them understand other’s feelings and emotions.

  4. Discuss Kindergarten

    Explain to your child the routine and the activities they have to do in kindergarten. Try to answer all their queries related to kindergarten. Share your own experience of kindergarten. This will help them know what they are expected to do and will increase their excitement and enthusiasm about starting kindergarten.

  5. Visit and Explore the Kindergarten They Will Attend

    Visit the kindergarten they will attend to make your child familiar with the preschool environment. Many preschools offer orientation programs to help children meet the teachers and make new friends before the session starts. Schedule one or two school tours and let them play in the playground. This will help ease your child’s anxiety.

Follow these simple tips and soon you will be happy to see your child confidently waving goodbye!

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