5 Great Tips for Coping With Your Child’s Tantrums Patiently

One of the hardest things about child care is keeping your cool, especially when your child is on the floor having a screaming fit. Of course these are the things that try a parent’s patience the most but there are also 5 things that can do to help you keep the situation from progressing.

Take a deep breadth to relax
  1. Take a deep breath and move to your child’s level, crouching or sitting.This is always the first place to start because it gives you a few seconds to think. Make this your first reaction to a tantrum and the rest will come a little easier.

  2. Remember that what you do now teaches your child how to behave later.Your response to tantrums will be imprinted in your child’s mind forever. While all of us will fail at least once or twice, if your child sees a consistent, level-headed approach to a problem, odds are the tantrums will stop faster.

  3. Talk about your child’s emotions.The tantrum shows that a child does not yet know how to deal with negative emotions. Help your child understand what those emotions are and how to handle them. If your child realizes you understand why he or she is upset, they are more likely to listen.

  4. Reassure your child that you still love them.Reassure your child about your loveWhen our initial reactions are to blow up in response to a tantrum, children can feel threatened. Even a stern talking to can make a child feel alienated. Let your child know that while the behavior is unacceptable, it does not change how much you love them.

  5. Return to the incident later.Once your child has calmed down, you need to take some time to discuss the behavior. Not only is this more likely to reach them but it will give you a good starting point for all subsequent tantrums.

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