4 Simple Ways You Can Teach Children Sharing and Taking Turns

Parents often complain of their young children throwing a tantrum when they request them to share. If you have been through this, you know all about the tears and wailing. Thankfully, there are ways to teach children how to share and wait for their turn.

Teach Children Sharing

Here are 4 tips that you will find extremely useful:

  1. Use a Timer When your child’s friend is playing with a toy your child wants to play, give your child a timer. Set the timer, so that your child can watch it countdown and when the buzzer goes off, the children have to exchange toys. It is a fun game, but also teaches children patience.

  2. Share Everything If you want to teach your children sharing, you should practice it every day at home. Share your snacks and treats with your children and when they do the same with you, don’t hesitate to praise them wholeheartedly for it.

  3. Be a Role Model If you want to teach your children about sharing and taking turns, you first have to become a role model. Volunteer to teach something in the school or local community. This lays a strong foundation for your children to understand the meaning of giving and generosity.

  4. Respect Your Child You should be realistic about your expectations. If your child has a favorite toy or game, set it aside in the cupboard, so that he or she does not have to share it with friends coming over for a play date.

This will make your child feel more secure and in control of the situation. This way he or she will be more conducive to sharing with friends.

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