10 Qualities That Make You an Outstanding Teacher

Teaching is a rewarding but challenging profession. While no two teachers are the same, there are a number of common qualities that you’ll find in all great teachers. Whether you are assessing a potential school for your children or considering a career in education, review the following qualities that make someone an outstanding teacher.

  • Patient

    Teachers must have the patience to handle the same questions and issues over and over again.

  • Knowledgeable

    If you do not have a solid understanding of the material, you’ll have a difficult time teaching it to someone else. Teachers must have comprehensive knowledge of many different topics.

  • Committed to life-long learning

    The field of education changes frequently. Teachers must be prepared to keep up with all of the latest developments.

  • Good personality

    Not everyone has a natural personality for working with children. Teachers must be able to connect with their students in an appropriate fashion.

  • Innovative.

    Teaching programs cannot possibly prepare future teachers for all of the challenges that they will face on the job. Teachers must be able to think on their feet.

  • Flexible

    Anything can change in a classroom or with the course of the school day, often with very little warning. Teachers must be prepared to adapt accordingly.

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  • Organized

    Teachers must juggle a large amount of curriculum as well as countless other aspects of a classroom from management to bulletin boards.

  • Natural leader

    In addition to leading students, teachers also find themselves leading their co-workers in meetings and on committees.

  • Mature

    Teachers must always get the upper hand and maintain a high level of maturity when managing any number of situations with students.

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  • Good listener

    Students will not be invested in a classroom experience if they do not feel that the teacher is listening to them.

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  1. Preschools in O'Fallon MO

    If you are a preschool teacher then I must say that you should have the qualities that make stand different from other teachers. Patience and being innovative is really good points. I have a Preschool in O’ Fallon MO and I usually use all the ways which can make kids educated , creative and innovative. Thanks for the great tips!

  2. johnnie mackey

    I have been a preschool teacher since 1994 I love my job. What makes my day when the children are working or playing in centers especially the dramatic play area that is when I really have a laugh.