Top 10 Valentine’s Day Special Crafts Your Child Will Love

Having fun with the little ones on Valentine’s Day just got easier. These simple crafts are both fun and easy to make.A child making heart by paper crafts

Here are top 10 Valentine’s Day special crafts that your child will love:

  1. Funny Valentine – Cut a large pink heart and draw a funny face. Cut out four lengths of purple construction paper and bend them so they resemble look like an accordion. Cut four small pink hearts for the hands and feet. Glue them to one end of the purple construction paper and then glue the legs and arms to the larger heart.

  2. Shadow Box Valentine – Use a box lid that is approximately one inch deep. Cut doilies in half and surround the edge of the box. Cut out letters, hearts or any other types of designs and glue them inside.

  3. Heart Peoplekids celebrating valentine's day – Heart people are made using various sizes of hearts. A large upside down heart is used for the body. A slightly smaller, upright heart makes the head. Hearts are added to make the arms and legs. Draw a face.

  4. Valentine Frame – Cut out cardboard squares or rectangles in the desired size and paint red, pink or purple. Create a border.

  5. Valentine’s Day Printables – Several websites have Valentine’s Day activity pages for children of various ages.

  6. Love Bug – Paper plate body and pipe cleaner legs. Use a heart for the head and draw a face.

  7. Valentine Basket – One large heart and a smaller heart glued together to form a pocket. Decorate.

  8. Valentine Card Holder – One large paper plate glued to half of another paper plate to form a basket. Decorate.

  9. Valentine’s Checkers – Make a checkerboard. Make checkers using two different colors of hearts.

  10. Cardboard Printing – Cut out letters and hearts. Glue to cardboard. Coat with paint and press to print designs.

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