Holiday Shopping: What Are the Best Gifts for Children?

Are you buying presents for some children this year? Whether you’re shopping for your own children or for children of family members and friends, it can be tough to find gifts that you know will be well received.

The following details just a few great options to get you started:Holiday shopping for kids

  • Toys That Encourage Imaginative Play Both adults and children alike are often drawn to expensive toys with fancy bells and whistles. It may seem like a gadget that beeps and plays music is a sure winner, but it is likely to grow old fairly quickly.Holiday's Shopping bags

    Instead, look for toys that spur open ended, creative play such as blocks, Legos, puppets, and dolls. Children can have endless hours of fun when they make the toys their own, telling the stories that they want to tell with them.

  • Art Supplies Children don’t have to be particularly artistic to get a lot out of a good set of art supplies. As children, activities like coloring and painting develop fine motor skills while motivating them to think outside of the box. Without a pattern or set of directions, children must use their minds to depict a story on paper or express their feelings with a given medium, such as clay or yarn. You can find great, affordable art supplies at any big box store or craft store.

  • Experiences Some of the most memorable parts of childhood are the experiences that we have with our parents. Something as simple as going into the city for the day, and visiting the art museum, or making a trip across town to a new playground; will be remembered for years to come.

Consider giving tickets to an event that you will both enjoy or making up a certificate for a special day together.

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