Dear Santa: 10 Gifts Children Wish for Christmas

For many children, writing a letter to Santa is an annual holiday tradition. While kids often ask for popular toys and games, quite a few requests are more unusual, often rooted in beloved childhood fantasies. These wishes range from hilarious to heartfelt.
christmas-gift-ideas-for-children Here are 10 gifts children have wished for on Christmas from Santa:

  1. A Little Brother or Sister.Year after year, one of the most popular kids Christmas requests is for a younger sibling. As such, many parents choose to announce the impending arrival of a new baby near the holiday.

  2. A Mermaid Puppy.What would be better than a mermaid or a puppy than a combination of the two? Of course, numerous kids do ask for puppies and kittens as well.

  3. A Real Live Unicorn.Asking for a unicorn takes the classic request for a pony to another level.

  4. A Goat Car. It might not be clear exactly what a goat car is, but aren’t you curious about the concept now? This kid may be on to something.

  5. A Gumball Machine. A common thread among children’s Christmas wishes is asking for something that you might not normally have in a home. A gumball machine is no exception.

  6. A Wheelchair. Whether a child is asking for a wheelchair for himself or a relative, a wheelchair is a heartbreaking holiday wish.

  7. Presents for Parents. Kids often understand that parents work hard, and don’t always get the presents that they deserve for Christmas.

  8. Stop Bullies. Some requests do go beyond tangible items and include varying requests, such as bullies at school to stop picking on a sibling.

  9. A Cure for Cancer. Wishing for a cure for cancer is a shared holiday request among kids and adults alike.

  10. Hugs and Kisses for Relatives in Heaven. When you’re missing a loved one during the holidays, sending a hug or kiss would make all the difference.
    What have your children wished for on Christmas? What did you wish as a child? Please share with us in the comments!

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