5 Interesting Ways to Celebrate President’s Day with Your Children

President’s day is a federal holiday celebrated on the third Monday of February to honor George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Originally it was known as Washington’s Birthday, but later on it came to be known as President’s Day to honor all the presidents of the United States. Make this day a day of learning America’s history, and the contribution and achievements of our honored presidents.

Celebrate President’s Day with Your Children

Here are some fun ways to celebrate President’s Day with your children:

  1. Organize a President’s Day Quiz

    It is a great way to help your child learn about the U.S. presidents, historical events, and facts about American history. You will find many kid-friendly apps that contain President’s Day quizzes. You can take a virtual tour to glimpse into the life of each president.

  2. Visit Historical Places

    Local museums or historical places hold special events to honor the presidents. You can visit historical locations like national landmarks, or parks that have a presidential story associated with them. You can even take a virtual tour of the Whitehouse.

  3. Help Your Child Write a Letter to the President

    Ask your child what they would like to change in the nation, what is good and bad about life in the United States, or what problems the nation faces. Help them write a letter to the President where they can express their own views.

  4. Create President’s Day Crafts with Your Child

    Crafts are an easy way to teach your child about President’s Day. There are many President’s Day Crafts you can create with your child. Lincoln’s signature top hat, Air Force One paper airplane, and faces of George Washington and Lincoln are examples of some of the crafts your child will love to create.

  5. Organize a President’s Day Play

    Ask your child to reenact their favorite famous presidential speech. You can even invite the neighborhood children to put on a President’s Day play. Children can get involved by reading books on presidents’ lives, writing a play,or making costumes and enacting a play.

President’s Day is the perfect opportunity to combine learning and fun to help your child understand the history of their nation.

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