10 Fun and Easy Yoga Poses Your Child Will Love

The best way to keep your little ones healthy, both physically and mentally, is yoga. It not only helps in stress release but also improves concentration, encourages your child to be creative and helps them lead a balanced life. Yoga Poses Your Child Will Love Here are some of the easy and inventive yoga postures specially for your child:

  1. Ship Pose

    Tell your child to lie down on their back, then slowly raise both their legs and similarly raise their upper body. This should be done in such a way that their body is balanced on buttock. Now you can tell them to rock in the water like a ship.
  2. Whale Pose

    Ask your child to lie down on their tummy. Then tell them to bend their knees and lift up their chest. Now tell them to try and reach their arms back towards their toes and hold onto their feet. You can help them to do so as it won’t be easy for them in the beginning.
  3. Kangaroo Pose

    Ask your little ones to stand still and stretch their feet hip-width apart. Then ask them to bend their knees and now tell them to hop like a kangaroo.
  4. Rabbit Pose

    Tell your child to sit on their heels and slowly bring their body down. Then ask them to bring their forehead down in front of the knees. Now they have to rest their arms down alongside their body for a while. Tell them to take deep breaths continuously while they are in this posture.
  5. Cat Pose

    Ask your child to bend on their knees and come to an all-fours position. Now tell them to round their back, and put their chin closer to their chest. Then ask them to act like a cat, you can even tell them to make a “meow” sound to make it funny.
  6. Snake Pose

    Now for this pose, ask them to lie down on their tummy, placing their palms flat next to their shoulders. And now tell them to lift up their head and shoulders off ground and make hiss sound just like a snake.
  7. Giraffe Pose

    Ask your child to stand still looking up in the sky adjoining their palms. Then tell them to point their hand in upward direction to reach out for the sky.
  8. Butterfly Pose

    Ask your child to sit on their buttocks with straight back. Then tell them to bend their legs and place the soles of their feet together. And then they’ll have to gently flap their legs like wings of a butterfly.
  9. Porcupine Pose

    For this, they’ll have to sit on their heels, stretch their fingers out in front of them. And then tell them to place their heels of palms together to represent spines of porcupine. Ask them to sit back straight.
  10. Flower Pose

    Tell your child to sit straight on their buttocks balancing their body on their sitting bones and lifting their legs up in the air. Ask them to adjoin the soles of their feet together, and then weave both their arms under their legs.
  11. Try them out! Your child will love to do these easy and fun yoga poses.

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