Quick and Healthy Meals Children Will Love

The food we serve to children has a great impact on their future health. As awareness grows in our society about nutrition, let’s remember that food plays a vital role for a child’s growth and development.

Here are some quick and healthy meals ideas for children that they will love to eat.

Oatmeal is one of the healthiest meals on a breakfast menu and cooking instructions are as simple as heating water then stirring in rolled oats. It mixes well with many different nutritious fruits such as berries and bananas. Add vegetable sticks on the side along with a fruit smoothie mixed with wheat germ and your child will be kicking the day off with natural energy.


Sandwiches made with wholemeal or high-fiber bread filled with protein-rich food and veggies are a great lunch idea for kids. Lettuce, tomato, grated carrots and avocado help create a filling sandwich.

For an even healthier choice, try going Mediterranean style by filling up pita pockets with fresh veggies. Homemade pizza, which includes nutritious toppings such as spinach and mushrooms, will add excitement to this easy to enjoy healthy lunch.


Salads go great with any meal, especially dinner. Staying away from processed and canned foods in favor of dishes close to nature helps complete a day’s worth of healthy meals. It’s important to serve an entree that is rich in protein, such as fish or chicken strips, along with foods high in fiber, such as brown rice, cucumbers, sweet potatoes and broccoli.

Beans on toast make a much healthier choice than a burger with fries. For desserts, try to avoid candy with artificial ingredients and replace it with fruits such as apples, grapes, strawberries, dates, and nuts.

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