5 Fun Ways to Add Math into Your Child’s Day

5 Fun Ways to Add Math into Your Child's Day

Teaching math to your child can be easy if you add some fun to it. Instead of sticking with paper and pencil, try to include math in your child’s daily activities to make it a great learning experience. There are many interesting ways to make your child engaged and excited about learning the numbers.

Here are 5 fun ways that will help you teach your child math:

  1. Use Household Objects to Teach Counting

    You can use the objects around you to teach your child how to count. Count the objects from 1-10 and ask your child to repeat with you. You can make them count fruits, vegetables, books, cans, pennies, toys and other household items to make the counting activity more fun.

  2. Bake Cookies Together

    You can even use math while baking cookies together. Let them count the cookies you baked. Counting together or making them repeat with you make them memorize numbers more easily. This makes an excellent teaching tool for math.

  3. Build Something Together

    Use Lego or other building toys to incorporate numbers into your child’s playtime. Make them count the blocks while they are assembling them to make a tree house. Ask them how many blocks are used and how many are still left.

  4. Play Math Games

    They are many games that help you teach math to your child. Blocks, cards and board games help your child learn basic counting skills. These games make learning math an enjoyable activity rather than an educational one.

  5. Make Dinner Time Fun

    Make dinner time an ideal time for teaching math by involving some math concepts. Let your child set the dinner table and ask them to count the plates, napkins, forks, and spoons. Ask how many people are there for the dinner and how many plates and forks you need.

Use these ideas to make learning math fun and interesting for your child and turn them into mini mathematicians.

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