An Overview of Preschoolers Developmental Milestones

Are you curious to know what types of skills are acquired by your child during the preschool years? A preschool child falls under the age group of three to five years. During the preschool development stage, your child may acquire particular skills that are considered as developmental milestones. These skills include physiological, emotional, social and intellectual abilities. To have an idea of what to anticipate in a typical preschooler during this period, you can go over these growth milestones.

An Overview of Preschoolers Developmental Milestones

Here is a broad overview of preschoolers developmental milestones to help you match with your child’s growth:

Fine Motor Skills

These skills relate to the functioning of a child’s smaller muscles like his or her hands or fingers. Your preschooler is capable of turning pages well, grabbing a pencil or a crayon and drawing simple shapes like a circle. He or she is also dressed and undress without your help and properly uses a fork, spoon, and knife.

Gross Motor Skills

These skills involve the use of a child’s large muscles. Your preschooler develops the ability to climb a staircase by placing alternating feet and with one foot per step, hurl and capture a ball, leap, run, climb and skip, ride a tricycle and jump over low-level barriers.

Speech and Language Milestones

These skills pertain to the ability to interpret a spoken language and also to communicate using that language. Your preschooler uses at least 250 words, can speak three-word sentences and figure out plurals. Your child expresses curiosity by asking many questions, recognizing the names of various colors and retaining familiar songs, poems or stories in his or her memory.

Cognitive Milestones

Cognitive or Intellectual development is associated with a child’s problem solving, learning and logical thinking skills. At this age, your preschooler can recite a complete story, get involved in conversations and has the knowledge about his/her age and address. Your child can also guess the names of various shapes and colors, and can correctly identify the names of weekdays. But your child may not yet be capable of telling reality from fantasy.

Social and Emotional Milestones

Social and emotional development is indicated in the ability of a preschooler to contain his or her emotions, connect with others and conduct him/her self. Your child can obey simple game rules and enjoys role-playing games. As per the American Academy of Pediatrics, preschoolers in the age group of four to five years display a level of self-confidence and independence that is good enough to enable them to tour a neighbor’s house alone.

You must realize that the pace of development during early childhood can be different for individual children, and so you may find a few variations from the above-mentioned traits in your child. If your preschooler’s skills do not conform to a few of these milestones, you may wish to consult a Pediatrician about an assessment of your child’s skills.

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