How You Can Help Your Child If They Are Struggling to Read

Is your child struggling to read? Don’t worry! Preschoolers learn at their own pace. It is not a major concern when your four or five-year-old child is not reading. Help them at home through interesting and fun activities. However, if your child is not able to read on their own by the time they turn six, take advice from their class teacher. Remember they will catch up with some extra help and time.

Here are some ways to help your child if they are struggling to read:

Use Your Child’s Strengths

Your child may be good at many things. If they can draw well, draw a picture or the main character from the story. If they have great listening skills, read the story aloud to help them understand the story. This will make reading stories an interesting activity for your child.

Reading Aloud Together

Read aloud with your child every day. Read interesting picture books to hold their interest and use their imagination. Ask questions while reading stories to help them develop comprehension abilities. Another benefit of reading with your child is that you can explain in detail, whenever needed, to keep them interested.

Find Books According to Your Child’s Interest

Find a topic that interests your child. Visit a library and let your child choose books on their favorite topics or the character they like the most. Let them select their own adventure stories or books and help them discover the joy and happiness that comes from reading.

Make Reading Fun!

Play board games with them. Write spellings or words on a chart paper and ask them to spell out the words loudly. Read recipe books with them and have them select the meal that they love the most. Prepare the grocery shopping list and have them select the item after reading the list.

Talk to Your Child’s Class Teacher

Speak with your child’s teacher to find out what specific problem they are facing while reading in the class and what you can do to help your child at home. Plan out ways together with the class teacher to help your child overcome reading difficulties.

Providing emotional support is important when your child is struggling with reading or in the preschool.

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