Hygiene Obsession Can Affect Your Child’s Health

Keeping a child’s environment devoid of any germs and microbes may actually lead to an increase in chronic childhood illnesses. Children need common germs to help build immunities against the bacteria and viruses they encounter on a daily basis. Without them, their immune systems can become compromised, leaving them susceptible to a multitude of health issues that may have otherwise been prevented. Hygiene Eliminating Natural Microbes

Natural microbes found in dirt can help boost a child’s immune system, making it harder for them to catch a cold, the flu, or a variety of other infections that affect the lungs and digestive tract. Let your child get dirty, play outside, and actually experience the outdoors on all levels. It will give their immune system a boost.

Building Much Needed Immunities

Allowing children to be exposed to various types of dirt and debris can help them build resistance against many different infections or toxins. Much like in a forest where decaying debris provides nutrients for healthy plant life to thrive, a small amount of dirt in the environment will do the same thing for a child’s developing immune system.

Excessive Cleanliness May Lead to Chronic Childhood Illnesses

Excessive cleanliness can eventually lead to chronic childhood illnesses like food allergies, eczema, and some behavioral issues like ADHD and autism-like disorders. In some cases the chemicals can cause more harm than help.

Obsessive cleaning can deprive children of vital nutrients they need to thrive. Letting a child play without constantly worrying about how much dirt they are exposed to will also relieve stress and frustration they may feel over trying to remain clean all the time.

Hygiene plays a vital role in your child’s health. Without it, the immune system becomes weak and prone to multiple health issues, but being overly hygienic also has an adverse effect on children. They need exposure to the natural world to fortify their immune system, even if that means getting a little dirty. So next time, let your children play outside at ease. It’ll be more fun for them and better for their health.

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