Easy Ways to Stop Your Child from Biting

Biting is a natural habit. Infants and toddlers are encouraged to bite things when they are cutting teeth to help hasten the process and reduce the discomfort many children experience. It’s difficult, however, to tell them to bite one thing and not bite another. The main concept to be taught is to refrain from biting other people. Child Biting

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Be Pre-Emptive

To children, biting comes naturally, and they will exhibit specific behaviors when they are getting ready to bite or pinch out of anger. Recognizing those behaviors and taking measures to prevent them from escalating will help re-direct the child’s thought patterns to something more constructive. Establish positive patterns and teach when biting is appropriate. Biting food for teething is fine, but alternative options must be found to release aggression and frustration.

Reinforce Positive Behavior

Helping a child break a bad habit is easier when you reinforce positive behaviors. They begin to associate good behaviors with praise and will tend to try and please you to keep the positive reinforcements coming. Children who act out often do so to get attention. Showing the child attention in positive ways will often decrease bad behaviors even if they tend to be angry or frustrated.

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Offer Other Ways to Release Frustration

If you know your child will act on in some fashion when they become frustrated or angry, give them things to do to burn off the excess energy. Provide them with stress balls, a trampoline, or take them on a walk. Teaching children constructive ways to deal with stress is one of the best ways to help them avoid potential bad habits like biting and pinching.

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