Toys and Your Child’s Temperament: How They Are Linked

Babies are born with an innate temperament. This is what is referred to when you say a child is laid-back, shy or outgoing. While personality can develop and change over the years, this basic temperament underlies the way a person relates to the world and remains consistent throughout a lifetime. The choice of toys you make for your children can enhance their inborn temperament or help add a side that allows them to expand on their basic nature.

Toys and Your Child’s Temperament- How They Are Linked1

Working with Temperament

This is what normally occurs. A quiet child is often given books, art material and puzzles. An active, outgoing child may find himself receiving sports equipment, skates and other activity inducing toys. This insures the child is getting items that they will naturally enjoy. Every person, however, needs to develop aspects that will help them thrive in the larger world. Toys can help develop those traits as well.

Enhancing Growth

A quiet child needs to develop the ability to interact with others. You can still honor the quiet, laid-back temperament, but try including some toys such as board games. These will allow the child to still remain quiet, but will need to be shared with at least one other person, allowing him to develop the ability to interact socially.

An active child needs to develop the ability to be comfortable alone. While he may find it difficult to stay still, things like science kits and models will allow him to keep his hands busy while still spend time using his brain and staying in one area. These lone activities will teach him to be comfortable while being still.

End Words

Providing a variety of toys to your child will help them become well-rounded individuals who will be comfortable in a variety of situations life will place them in.

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