6 Steps to Plan a Smart Back-to-School Budget

Store shelves are full of notebooks, backpacks and the latest kids clothing styles. Summer is coming to an end and it is the time to get ready for back to school. Parents get excited about this on one hand, but the cost seems to get more overwhelming every year. Here are 6 brilliant ways to give your kids what they need for the new school year and not have to break your piggy bank to do so.

Welcome back to school Make a list

Take time to survey what you already have on hand and make a list of what additional items you need to buy. By taking the time to do so in advance, you can save your time and money by not buying duplicates or make last-minute purchases.

Buy in Bulk

Get together with a few of your neighbors and invest in bulk sizes of notebooks, crayons, and other school supplies. You can end up saving almost fifty percent with enough people and the right sales.

Shop online

In addition to saving gas and avoiding “Mom, can I have…”, spending a bit of extra time online can save you a great deal by helping you find bargains which your hometown may not offer.

Stick to the necessities

Keep in mind that every other kid does not have the latest designer products, regardless of what your kids say. Stick to the necessities and don’t spend much on designer backpacks or other school supplies.

Look for used products

Kids grow quickly and school clothes often look nearly new at the end of the year. Consider looking in second-hand stores or holding a swap party with other parents for commonly needed items like uniforms.

Don’t go with the name

Designer brands may have cool names, but a non-branded T-shirt can also fulfill your necessity. This is also true of many other items. Buying branded or designer products aren’t necessary.

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