5 “Teacher Tricks” That Work Wonders on Kids

Have you ever looked into your preschool child’s classroom and was amazed to see 20 young students fully engaged in a lesson? Do you often wonder how your kid’s teacher has control over all of these students?

There are a number of simple yet effective teacher’s tricks that you can use with your own kids at home.Teacher Tricks that works wonders on Kids

Incorporate these 5 “Teacher Tricks” that work wonders on kids:

  1. Give Positive Feedback It is easy to focus on the negatives and spend more time reprimanding children than praising them. Look for opportunities throughout the day to offer positive feedback, such as one child helping the other get ready in the morning.

  2. Set High Expectations Kids learn to regulate their behavior and set goals for themselves based on the expectations that the adults in their life have for them. If a parent expects a child to fail, how should he expect anything different for himself?

    Set rules at home and follow through when it comes to consequences.

  3. Customize Content The activity or incentive that is just right for one child may not be right for all of your children. Make changes and accommodations to cater to their needs and preferences.

    For example, one child may like a snack right after school while another child would rather run around outside first.

  4. Implement a Reward Chart A visual aid is a great motivational tool for many kids to monitor their behavior and work toward getting things that they want, such as a trip to a local amusement park.

  5. Take an Interest Most parents want the best for their children and are willing to do what it takes to help them succeed. Pay attention to your personal interest in your child’s passions. If your child is looking through some new library books, are you watching TV or are you engaging in the books with them?

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