Top 15 Magazines for Parents in 2016

We have some great news for those looking for useful information on parenting, child diet, teen issues and newborns! Here is a list of top 15 magazines that contain wonderful information and tips for you: Top magazine for parents

  2. This magazine brand has a panel of childcare experts to provide new and expecting parents with the best tips. It will help you with some great advice for expecting moms, child nutrition and upbringing, and toddler and child health.

  3. Highlights for Children
  4. It is also known simply as Highlights. It has been published since 1946. Considered one of the best magazines for preschooler, its aim is to teach children to be strong, confident, inquisitive and caring. You’ll get great parenting tips and ideas, activities, crafts and games. It’s completely dedicated to the well-being of children.

  6. This magazine is intended for children between the ages of 3-12. It offers tips on creative projects for children, family time and travel ideas. It is now a part of Parents Magazine.

  7. CHIRP
  8. With a focus on the fun and learning of a child aged 3 to 13, this magazine includes puzzles, games, jokes and fun activities. Children simply love reading this and completing the activities.

  10. This magazine addresses various issues related to a female child between 8 to 12 years of age. It mostly covers age related activities like sleepovers, planning parties, interactive quizzes and some important advice related to these issues.

  12. The purpose of this magazine is to encourage parents in taking part in the overall development of their child. It offers tips on how to succeed in school, and discusses various activities that children can enjoy.

  14. It is one of the best magazines for women who are working parents. Popular articles offer advice on how to find a balance between the office and home. This magazine also includes health tips and inspiring interviews. Its aim is to motivate women and help them succeed both at home and work.

  16. This magazine has some wonderful information for expecting and new mothers. It mainly focuses on having a healthy pregnancy and the first year of child’s life.

  18. Its main purpose is to provide valuable information to pregnant women like how to keep fit during pregnancy, safe workouts, nutritional guides and how to be in a happy mood throughout the pregnancy.

  19. THE BUMP
  20. This magazine provides all the necessary information related to getting pregnant, fertility and baby’s breastfeeding, baby’s development step by step.

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  22. This one covers all the information during prenatal period. You can find some great advices on Tricks and tips of parenting, crafts and family budget and health.

  24. It provides valuable insights for the expecting mothers to strike a balance between an ideal and the real world. Its main stress is on raising your family in an organic and natural way.

  26. Dealing with teenagers is not easy for parents. This magazine is strongly dedicated to teen issues. These are the issues which a person goes through during teenage years. You can find all the details on various issues like – dating, bullying, peer pressure, mental health and teen sexuality.

  28. This one is for the children who love cooking and is also for parents who prepare meals for them. It mostly contains recipes for busy parents who want their children to enjoy delicious meals.

  30. It is the only magazine in the US with the sole purpose of serving the spouses of military personnel. Its main stress is to let women know about the entire aspects of military life for those who are considering a marriage to military personnel. It covers topics like deployment to homecoming, parenting, military marriage and family & friends.

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