Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers

Fine motor skills are essential for the overall development of your child and to ensure success in preschool. Fine motor skills include the use and movement of small muscles in your child’s hand, wrist, and fingers. At Pacific Preschool, we engage children in many fine motor activities to help them develop these skills.

What Are Fine Motor Activities?

Fine motor activities involve the use of small muscles in the hands and fingers to help children develop strength and dexterity.

Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers

Why Are Fine Motor Activities Important?

With the help of fine motor activities, your child will be able to develop the skills which are required to perform daily tasks such as writing, buttoning, zipping, tying shoes, and more. These activities ensure the active usage of small muscles in hands and fingers to improve fine motor skills.

Fun and Engaging Activities We Provide at Our Preschool

We provide many opportunities for the overall development of your child and engage them in activities that improve gross motor, fine motor, and other skills in your child. Here are some activities that our preschoolers enjoy at our facility:

Trace and Cut

Fine Motor Activities - Trace and Cut

We organized a trace, cut, and illustrate Jack-o-lanterns activity in October. This activity can help improve many skills in children such as pencil grip, visual perception, cutting, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor development.

Blindfolded Painting

Fine Motor Activities - Blindfolded painting

We asked children to paint while they were blindfolded. Apart from improving their pencil grip and fine motor skills, this activity helped children to experience how it feels to complete the task when you do not have all 5 senses. They also had fun exploring each sense through our Five Senses activity.

Fine Motor Activities - four senses

Sensory Painting

Sensory painting with liquid watercolors and Epsom helped us enhance the painting experience for our students. It is a great way to improve the creativity and imagination of preschoolers and develop their fine motor skills. They loved this activity and found it very interesting and exciting!

Balance and Coordination Games

Every day our students visit the playground where they work on balance and coordination through games and activities such as climbing, riding tricycles, digging, pushing and pulling carts and more. These activities enhance their large motor skills.

Fine Motor Activities - Balance and coordination game

Pattern Skills

We helped children improve their pattern skills with colored bears. The aim of this activity was to help them recognize and describe the color patterns. Creating patterns with crayons, sliding balls, and using small objects help develop fine motor skills.

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